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Andre Anthony Thurairatnam is a Toronto Multiplatform Journalist, Photographer, Brand Ambassador, and Media Specialist. He has been featured in a number of major Toronto News and Media Outlets. 

Andre has a driving passion for his city, his field of work, and the people he has the opportunity to work with. NOTB is Andre's own major project which is set to launch in 2016.

Andre's academic credentials include:

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The following is a selected sample of Andre's journalistic, and media-oriented work:

1) 680 News

During the summer of 2013, I had the opportunity to work as an editorial intern with 680 News in Toronto. The following are highlights from my time there:

2) Select Photography

In this section are select works in photography I have amassed throughout my journalistic career. I take great pride in my ability to seamlessly switch between professional, abstract, and photojournalistic styles.

3) Video projects with HITStape.com

In this section we have a couple of the many video projects I produced for HITStape.com, a hip-hop website based in Toronto, Vancouver, and Miami.   

On Thursday September 19th, 2013, I had the opportunity to capture the excitement as hundreds of Drake fans lined up for hours to show their support at the grand opening of an OVO pop-up store in downtown Toronto.

Similar to the previous video, I had the chance to profile the second OVO pop-up store in Toronto's Yorkville neighbourhood.

4) The Toronto Observer

The following are select works from the online edition during my time with the Toronto Observer:

5) Snap Scarborough Newspapers

During my time as a photojournalist with Snap Newspapers, I had the opportunity to cover a wide-range of events in my hometown:

6) N.O.T.B. (www.notb.ca)

My latest project, North of the Border, is my step toward establishing my very own unique media brand. N.O.T.B. will act not only as a personal blog connected to my journalistic work, but also a marriage of all my interests, ranging from photography – to music – to social affairs/current events – and beyond. Although in its infancy, I have recently completed the design elements, and have the website up-and-running. The official launch date is currently set for Summer 2016. Click here to be directed to our home page.

7) Design Work

I’ve done quite a bit of design work in my journalistic career. Everything spanning from newspaper layouts, magazines, and even album covers.  In this section are a few of my favourites, including an award-winning feature page from the Toronto Observer.

8) Printed Publications

I’ve had the opportunity to be featured a number of times on the front/feature pages of different publications. In this section are a few of my published stories/photos that made the printed editions. 

9) CP24 Breakfast Social Media

In my role as associate producer with CP24 Breakfast, I'm responsible for all the social media networks. I've leveraged my skills in photojournalism to enhance our social media presence online. Here are a few highlights.